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Our City & Guilds approved Domestic Energy Assessor Training is an intensive course to qualify as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). This Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Energy Assessment is fully online based.

You can start and stop your learning at any time as the course title says. The course is valid for 3 months to complete from the date of registration.

Login to our training portal is available on registartion.

Complete Learning modules and assessments are available online. Online revision and question guides are available for every module.

You can schedule video calls using Microsoft Teams with Tutor @ your convenience*. A bespoke online calendar for availability will be available on registration. You can directly book a video call from our online system.

You will have access to an Online ticketing system for queries on course modules. An extensive database of previously asked questions and answers is available for your reading.

Please refer to the Course contents section to see full course details.

Access to 2 practical EPCs (out of 5 required) for portfolio completion is available in this course. All training materials and portfolio requirements will be available online.

The average cost of an EPC in the UK varies from £45 to £80 depending on the property size and complexity. We are one of the cheapest EPC providers and are fully qualified tutors. Once certified, you can join a GOV-approved accreditation scheme of your choice. Also, you will have a free offer to join our panel to undertake the EPCs we receive in your area. We complete an average of 1000 to 2000 EPCs per month as a group of assessors.

Course Contents

  • Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR), initiatives behind the EPC & Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP).
  • Works as DEA in a safe, effective, and professional manner increasing turnover.
  • Discussion on accreditation (licensing) schemes, charges for lodging an EPC, and how to maximise your work.
  • How to prepare for a domestic energy assessment to produce an EPC.
  • Android, Apple, and Windows software overview to complete an EPC.
  • Portfolio requirements.
  • Property construction type, identification & impacts on EPC score.
  • Surveying & measuring properties with guidance on how to quickly complete a floor plan online.
  • Calculation requirements for an EPC and impacts on EPC score.
  • Space Heating Systems.
  • Domestic hot water Systems.
  • New Space Heating Systems.
  • Renewable energy sources and technologies.
  • How to date properties and free online tools for age finding.
  • Effectively enter Collected Data into the software step by step.
  • Property 1 Assessment, data entry & generate EPC to cross-check it with an actual EPC on the national register.
  • Property 2 Assessment, data entry & generate EPC to cross-check it with an actual EPC on the national register
  • Assessment guidance on how to complete the portfolio.
  • Feedback for completed portfolio.
  • IQA verified Portfolio results.


Certified by

City & Guilds